Hi, I’m Jen. So glad you’re stopped by!

In case we haven’t met, I’m Jen Pollock Michel. I love poetry and strong coffee, church and clean-smelling sheets. I’ve been married to Ryan since 1996, and we have five children whom we love with all of our hearts. They’re emerging as adults into the world, near-constantly amazing us with their creativity, courage, and commitment.

I’ve been following Jesus since I was 15, and for almost twenty years, I’ve been writing on the life and practice of Christian faith. My first book, Teach Us to Want, was published, in 2014. Since then, I’ve written Keeping Place, Surprised by Paradox, A Habit Called Faith, and In Good Time. If someone were to look for resonances between these book, I would say hope and grief, faith and doubt, desire and surrender.

Since 2020, I’ve been working to keep a rule of life. This practice of faith, which emerged centuries ago in the monastery, seems especially important in a time-pressured, choice-saturated age. I’ve been sharing my learning in virtual intensive workshops as well as in my Substack community.

Why subscribe to A Habit Called Faith?

Habit may not be the first word you think of when it comes to the life of faith, but it’s a word to suggest that faith involves practice. It’s to say that everyone is welcome here: the doubter and deconstructor; the newbie and the old hat. I have no appetite for easy formulations of faith. I’m happy to be honest about what’s beautiful and hard.

Julian of Norwich, the first female faith writer in the English language, articulated in her 14th century A Revelation of Love my own reason for writing: “It is truly love which makes me to tell [my revelation] to you, for I want God to be known and my fellow Christians to prosper, as I hope to prosper myself, by hating sin more and loving God more.”

What’s in the free version?

Every Monday, I send a free letter to all my subscribers. I might share a book I’m reading, offer a biblical reflection, sketch a small disagreement, try out a newly formed idea or insight. These are always small essais to learn publicly alongside you as readers. In various forms, beginning in 2017, these letters have been going out to faithful readers like you.

What’s the benefit of a paid subscription?

If you want more community conversation and practial learning about the habits of Christian faith, I hope you’ll support the work of A Habit Called Faith as a paid subscriber.

Paid subscribers will be able to comment publicly on my Monday letters; they will have access to the full archives as well as subscriber-only content. This includes two additional letters: the first (arriving at the beginning of the month) will be a more sustained reflection on a biblical text; the second (arriving at the end of the month) will be a letter to share what I’m learning and reading. In-between, I’m going to drum up interesting things like author interviews, Q&A posts, even community book clubs. As a subscriber, you’ll have access to all of these extras.

Most importantly, as a subscriber, you’re saying “thanks” for my writing—and supporting it for the future. My thanks in advance!

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I am a writer, speaker, wife, and mother—and never in that order. As a Christian, I keep stubbornly holding to hope. I write about faith and its habits, including the monastic practice called a rule of life.